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Welcome to the Latchford

House of Memories


Our house is really a stroll down “Memory Lane,” by those who loved Latchford and its unique past. The Department of lands and Forests (Ontario), built this house nearly 75 years ago for the Chief Ranger, Mr. Phil Hoffman and his family. The outbuildings, still in place today, included a bunkhouse for the Fire Rangers and other employees. The large building known as the Loggers Hall of Fame, was a garage for the Department’s trucks and equipment. Well-kept lawns and gardens surround the buildings.Contains more than 2,000 exhibits ranging from 19th century housewares to lumbering and blacksmith tools, World War I and II memorabilia; railway exhibits to geological specimens.


It should be noted that this 10-room house contains many artifacts dating back to the early 1900s and on to the more recent past of the 1970s and 1980s. There is interesting reading material, which unfortunately is in very fragile condition and must be handled with care, such as school and church records and pictures of all kinds.


Very recently, the exterior and windows of the House of Memories Museum were completly renovated with a grant from Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), keeping the original integrity of the building at all times.


Latchford was a leader in the logging and forestry industry, drawing folks from all walks of life. It was from Latchford that the mining industry developed and made use of the products produced here in the mills of the forest industries.


Latchford was incorporated on July 15th,1907 and was a vigorous and active community, coping with the ups and downs of bust and boom into the 1960s. 

Today our area provides Tourists access to our lake, trails and beautiful scenery. We welcome everyone to spend some time with us!

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